All classes are 45 minutes long and have modifications for beginner and advanced moves.  All fitness levels welcome!

Surfer 101
Get comfortable on the boards, learn surf-specific training moves, engage the core, tone the glutes and have fun in this introductory surf class. We recommend this class be taken before attending The Big Kahuna or The Maverick to get comfortable on the board before weights are introduced. 

Soul Surfer
Work on core strength, flexibility, and dynamic balance in this slower-paced yet challenging  yoga-inspired class.

The Big Kahuna
Get shredded with targeted body weight, resistance circuit training, and kettles bells in this high energy weight-focussed surf class. Surfer 101 is recommended as a prerequisite. 

Tidal Wave
Torch fat  and tone the core with high intensity intervals and surf-specific moves in this fast paced cardio class. Be prepared to sweat!

Booty Blast
Target those glutes and quads in this dynamic weight-based class that incorporates moves on and off the board to focus on the lower body.  Your booty will feel the burn.

Surf 360 HIIT
Surf 360 is a high-intensity interval training class, where intense bursts of exercises will be followed by short, active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. 





The Maverick
This class is a total body workout, combining the elements of cardio, weights, stretch and balance into one dynamic class. Surfer 101 is recommended as a prerequisite. 

Surf Camp
This circuit class uses TRX trainers, kettle bells, weights, ropes, balls and more for a total body workout with a surfer twist. Running shoes recommended.

Surf Cross
Surf Cross is a strength and conditioning class on the board,  using varied functional and high intensity workout routines as determined by the instructor.

Heavy Surf 
45 min of weight training circuit style focused on gaining strength and power through this unique muscle building surf inspired class. Running shoes required.

Boards & Bells
Build lean muscle, spike your metabolism and strengthen your core using Surfset boards and kettlebells in interval sessions.  Kettlebells will be used on and off the board to tone, sculpt and strengthen.

Surf Box
Put on the gloves after surfing. Join us for a 20-minute fast paced surf session followed by a round of boxing for a great cardio session. All fitness levels welcome in this 45-minute class.

TRX Surf
Use body weight exercises on the TRX suspension interchanged with SURFSET fitness on the boards, developing strength, balance, flexibility and core.