How is the SURFSET® Board different than other balance trainers?
The Board is built with an actual custom made surfboard, engineered to allow you to perform a wide array of traditional exercises with the added core benefit of working out on an unstable surface. Other balance trainers cannot truly mimic the workout of Surfing, as they are either too unstable, too small, or they do not provide the same shape and exact movement of a surfboard on water. The Board allows you to build aerobic conditioning, burn fat, build lean muscle, power, agility, stability & tone in addition to core & balance training. Other balance trainers can only claim 1-2 of these benefits.

Can I use the SURFSET® Board if I have never surfed?
Yes! The Board is an awesome way to introduce your body to the movements of surfing. It may be a challenge for you to work on the most difficult setting, but you can start at a beginner level and work your way up as your balance, core strength & surfing muscle memory improves.

Does using the SURFSET® Board feel like real surfing?
Yes! The Board was created to perfectly mimic the feeling & the physical demands of surfing. The unique side to side motion of the board feels just like floating atop the water on a surfboard and allows you to train the same muscles as a surfer without the ocean.

Why is surfing such a good workout?
Surfing is an extremely athletic sport. It works all major muscle groups in a dynamic environment that demands extreme focus & core strength. Cardio from paddling & explosive popup movements, isometric contractions of the legs to carve and control the board, and of course balance. If you look at a surfer's physique you can see that the sport promotes long, lean muscle rather than the bulky body builder look. SURFSET® draws on all of the movements of Surfing to bring the body benefits to you without the ocean.

What should I wear to a SURFSET® YYC class?
Wear something comfortable, similar to what you would wear to a yoga/pilates/aerobic class.  We recommend tight fitting pants or shorts so as to avoid tripping when popping up on the board. No shoes necessary (we like to keep it authentic!) You may wear dance, yoga or sticky socks that will help your feet grip to the board.

I am new to fitness. Will a SURFSET® class be too hard for me?
No, all fitness levels are welcome. There is no judgement in our studio and everyone can work at their own pace. The boards can be modified for advanced workouts. Try a Surfer 101 class to get comfortable on the board before advancing to the weight classes.

What is Barre Fitness?
Barre stems from the dance world and uses the ballet barre, bands and light weights to tone and sculpt the whole body.  Be prepared to feel the burn.  Great for all fitness levels.

Do I need to wear dance socks during barre?
Yes sticky dance socks will prevent slippage and injury on the dance floor.  You can bring your own or purchase some at SURFSET YYC.

How many calories will I burn in a SURFSET class?
You will burn an average of 900 calories per one 45 minute class.

Do you have showers?
Yes, our studio has showers clients can use after classes.

Do you have hair dryers?
Yes, our studio has a vanity counter with hair dryers and a selection of beauty products.

Do you have parking?
Yes, there is plenty of free parking outside our studio.