Holistic Nutritional Counselling

Are you lacking energy? Or perhaps you feel bloated, tired and just generally unwell. Is your skin flaring up and you want to learn what you can eat to help it glow? Are you often sick and want to boost your immunity? Or maybe you want to lose a few pounds and pursue a healthier lifestyle. Book a session with one of our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultants (CHNs) and let us help you optimize your health.

Through and in-depth analysis of lifestyle, body systems imbalances, medical history and current dietary habits, our CHN will recommend a customized dietary, supplementation and lifestyle protocol to help you get your health, energy levels and weight on track and address any other goals and concerns you note.  Intake forms are completed and reviewed by CHN before consultation. 

60-minute consultation (This includes the analysis of the intake forms, meeting to discuss goals and concerns, and recommendations.)   
- $150.00 -

Follow Up Nutritional Counselling

Discuss and review dietary progress.  New information, strategies, analysis and protocols provided as necessary. 
- $75.00 -

Customized 1-week Meal Plan

Your CHN will create a unique and individualized 1-week meal plan based on your specific nutrient requirements, taking into consideration allergies, food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies.  Meals, snacks, recipes, grocery lists included.