Join us in this 21-Day Fat Blast to rid ourselves of that unwanted bulge from too much summer fun!

Program begins with a group workshop outlining the diet requirements.  Receive an information booklet with nutritional information and meal plans/recipes for each of the 21 days.  Join our network group for tips, motivation, recipes, workouts and info for the three weeks to help you stay on track and to see big results!  Each participant also gets a 30-minute individual coaching session with a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant to answer specific questions and receive measurements and body fat % recording.


Our Certified Nutritional Consultant will closely guide and motivate you on this clean eating, whole foods approach to long lasting results.  Gain health, increase energy and lose excess weight on this easy to implement at home online program.

  • Nutrition Basics E-Book: Includes info on Macronutrients, Portion Control, Food Prep, Energy and Metabolism Boosters
  • Dream Protein 720 g container (hormone free, low temperature whey protein isolate.) Daily requirements, recipes included
  • Weekly nutritional topic with tips, tricks and motivational support (emails & videos)
  • Vitamin & Supplement recommendations
  • Light detoxing program included to gently cleanse the liver for optimal health
  • Support group on Facebook – Get motivation and feedback from the online group
  • Tracker to record fitness classes, progress, and measurements
  • Whole Food Recipes that satisfy hunger and stop cravings
  • Weekly at home workouts and exercise tips
  • Email Support
  • 2 Skype (15 minute) or 2 (15 minute) in studio meetings to discuss and address specific concerns


    In-depth analysis of lifestyle, body systems imbalances, medical history and current dietary habits.  After discussing goals and concerns, our Certified Holistic Nutritionist will provide a customized dietary, supplementation and lifestyle protocol to help you get your health, energy levels and weight on track.  Meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and relevant documentation will be provided.  Intake forms are completed and reviewed by CHN before consultation. These sessions are recommended for those clients that have health concerns or obstacles in obtaining optimal health and who need extra analysis and protocol.
    60-minute consultation (This includes the analysis of the intake forms, meeting to discuss goals and concerns, and the customized plan.)   
    - $150.00 -

    Follow Up Consultation
    Discuss and review dietary progress.  New information, strategies, analysis and protocols provided as necessary. 
    - $75.00 -