Public Myth
Public Myth launches eye catching and imaginative lifestyle apparel through the vibrant Vancouver-based line. Bringing to life energized, yet versatile, workout wear with an unexpected edge.. All clothes are designed and manufactured in North America, predominantly Vancouver BC, Canada. This ensures products come from a safe working environment with fair treatment and pay for everyone involved. Sustainable materials and natural fabrics like bamboo are used. Move, breathe and explore in these beautiful yet comfortable creations.

Toe Sox
Toe Sox creates and innovates products that enhance and support natural movement regardless of the activity. Whether holding plank a little longer, staying grounded in Relevé, settling deeper into Warrior II, or running for miles blister free, we’ve got you covered. SURFSET YYC carries many Toe Sox designs and colours. Currently out of stock.

Sticky Be Socks
Don't like your toes separated?  Try these comfy full sticky socks in a wide variety of colours.  Theses grippy socks come with inspirational messages to share with your class mates.

Larkin Designs
Creative and edgy jewelry pieces designed by local Calgary jewelry designer, Nicole Larkin, and sold in limited stores.  Check out our changing inventory.  No two pieces are alike.

Turkish Eye Designs
Our wide selection of Turkish Towels have possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. These beautiful fabrics can be used in SURFSET and barre studios to a sandy beach, from the tablecloth decorating your dining room table to the cozy throw that warms you by the fire. Varying in sizes, these certified organic cotton towels provide ultimate comfort for everyone in your family.